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Watch Live: House Jan. 6 committee to vote on criminal referrals, final

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Accountability that can only be found in the criminal justice system,” committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson said. “We have every confidence that the work of this Committee will help provide a roadmap to justice, and that the agencies and institutions responsible for ensuring justice under the law will use the information we’ve provided to aid their work. And for those of you who have followed this Committee’s work, I hope we have helped make clear that there’s a broader kind of accountability. Accountability to all of you: the American people.”

Thompson said he will be bringing up some of their previous work and said they will lay out recommendations, including criminal referrals. Referrals by Congress are solely recommendations, and the Justice Department is under no obligation to bring charges against those referred for prosecution. Still, the committee’s referrals could increase political pressure on the department to act, and lawmakers could unveil new evidence in their final report that federal prosecutors have not yet accessed.

In her opening remarks, Cheney, the panel’s vice chair, charted her own family’s history fighting for the union in the Civil War and the consecutive presidents who over time have accepted the results of presidential elections and allowed for the transfer of presidential power, with the exception of one.

“Every president in our history has defended this orderly transfer of authority, except one,” Cheney said. “Jan. 6, 2021, was the first time one American president refused his constitutional duty to transfer power peacefully to the next.”

Cheney said the guarantee of the peaceful transfer of power lies “at the heart of our republic.”

Highlighting the events of Jan. 6, as the mob of Trump’s supporters descended upon the Capitol, Cheney said among the most “shameful” findings from the panel was his failure to urge the rioters to disperse and leave the Capitol grounds, despite repeated requests for him to do so from his family members and close aides.

“This was an utter moral failure and a clear dereliction of duty,” Cheney said, noting that amid the violence at the Capitol, Trump sat in the dining room off the Oval Office watching the events transpire on television.

The Wyoming Republican repeated that Trump is “unfit” for any office.

“No man who would behave that way at that moment in time can ever serve in any position of authority in our nation again,” Cheney said.

Trump has maintained he did nothing wrong on Jan. 6, and that the investigation by what he calls the “Unselect Committee of political hacks” is a “witch hunt.” On Monday morning, he posted on his social media platform Truth Social that Republicans must “stand strong” against the committee and this is a “dark period” in American history.

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